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Belt saw automat
with bundle tension
Sliding grinding machines
for countersinking
Coordinates measuring

x-500mm y-400mm z-400mm

Bittenfelderstrasse 27/1
D- 71686 Remseck
Phone: 07146/5725
Fax: 07146/41294
E-Mail: info@boehrer-

CNC vertical processing centre
Stroke: x-1120mm,
y-510mm, z-510mm,
table size: 510x1460mm
NC rotary table, 24 tools.
Universal milling machine
table dimensions 1000x400mm
Thread rollings
In feed rollers to M24, length to 120mm, run rolls to M30 length to 2000mm

vertical eroding machine
table dimensions 350x230mm
and transverse adjustability 200x120mm

Pillar drilling machine with cross table digital,800x250mm
Electrical dipping machine
up to 30mm in diameter, length up to 500mm
Hydraulic press 10 tons and 63 tons

CNC centre lathe
Turning diameter 150mm, turning length 500mm. Twelvefold gun with propelled tools and bareloader 50mm in diameter
CNC centre lathe
Turning diameter 200mm, turning length 300mm. Twelvefold with propelled tools
L+Z centre lathe
with digital display, turning diameter 390mm, turning length 750mm
CNC multiple-cornered lathe
2- Kant to SW 50mm, 4-Kant to 70mm,
6-Kant to SW 110mm, length 80mm